A quick action – an instrument built within just a few days - especially for the finale of the "Poland’s Got Talent" show.

The wooden neck and the base of the violin are made from one piece of wood, which has an influence on the instrument’s solid construction. The entire body was hand-made with the simplest jigsaw and belt sander. For a body we used a 2.5-liter plastic bottle.

The building method and the tools that we used are a proof that you do not need to own a workshop to build such an instrument.

What is characteristic for this instrument is an interesting timbre both acoustic and electronically processed. The scale, length and angles of the fingerboard are a faithful copy of those in 4/4 violin.


The neck and the base: a pine board from an old bed
Bridge: a maple strip (door threshold)
Saddle: a piece of screw
Tuning pegs: ring hook screws
Violin body: 2.5-liter plastic bottle

The cost of the instrument: 7 Euro
The construction time: 7 days




The sound of the instrument:


The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: