This 4-string fretless bass guitar is our first instrument – that’s how everything have started. This is how the idea of ​​constructing and creating new instruments from waste was born. The neck of the guitar was made from a bench board which was connected to a 19-liter mineral water bottle. The board was not polished at all. The strings have been mounted directly to the body so the vibrations are transferred equally to the whole instrument, making its sound very clear. It does not require the use of any additional electronics.

The whole project was executed in the kitchen of a small studio apartment. Only the simplest tools were used and no pre-construction design has been created beforehand.

BottleBass was played by Piotr Żaczek from the band “Poluzjanci”. This guitar has already been played during over a hundred of concerts.


Guitar Neck: a board from a bench
Body: a 19-liter mineral water bottle
Guitar tuning pegs: ring hook screws /sheet metal screws
Bridge: a hanger
Saddle: a screw
Electronics: Peavey Predator Plus - Humbucker
Case: metal sheets (the same as used for the drums), Velcro, sponge from a bed found in the thrash, cable ties and double-sided adhesive tape

The cost of the instrument: 5 Euro
The construction time: 3 weeks




The acoustic sound of the instrument:



Concert of the Poluzjanci band:



The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: