The first guitar with frets that we’ve made. The fixings transferring all vibrations to the whole body make the instrument quite loud.
It was built with the simplest tools in the kitchen of a student’s apartment and no pre-construction design has been made beforehand.
The guitar has been played during the Italian tour of the Recycling Trio. It was also played by Przemysław Maciołek during two concerts of the band "Poluzjanci".

Guitar Neck: a board from old furniture
Body: a 19-liter mineral water bottle
Guitar tuning pegs: ring hook screws /sheet metal screws
Frets: bicycle spokes
Bridge: a screw
Saddle: a hanger
Scale: 25,5”

The cost of the instrument: 7 Euro
The construction time: 3 weeks





The sound of the instrument:



  The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: