First drum set of our production, excluding the one that was built in two days and crumbled during its first concert :) It has a solid wooden structure, coming from various parts of furniture and wooden benches. The elements are connected with threaded rods, thanks to which we have many set up options. The idea for this instrument was to make it possible for any drummer to just sit down and start playing without getting used to it first.

The set has evolved over time - we had to replace some cans and other elements due to their low durability. We also experimented a bit which brought us some new solutions. Over the years, we have used kitchen pots, cans of various sizes, metal and plastic buckets, water bottles, cake trays, pans, lids and many more...

The snare drum was built from an old wood stain can, on which an old percussion membrane and springs were stretched using the hooks of our production. The bass drum is a 50-liter basket which was used to collect tree leaves. Pieces of sheet metal of different thickness were used to make cymbals – they were obviously cut and bent to obtain the right timbre.

The foot pedal mechanism is a combination of threaded rods, a metal step from an old staircase, cabinet hinges, a rack, a bicycle chain and a potato masher.

The cost of the instrument: 7 Euro
The construction time: 2 weeks





The sound of the instrument:


The construction of the instrument and sounds – video: