Second generation drum set.

This drum set is quite new - it was built in mid-2018. It looks very similar to its predecessor, because just like in Garbage Drums v.1 we used wooden frame, made in 70% of fixings taken from old beds and wardrobes. The novelty are 3 toms made from a piece of rain gutter, a cucumber can and a plastic bucket.

The snare drum is a plastic bucket on which old membranes and springs have been stretched. The bass drum is made from a 50-liter basket - we cut off the bottom of it and mounted a drum membrane using screws and linear slides of our production. Metal sheets of different thickness are used as cymbals - they were of course appropriately cut and bent to obtain the right timbre. The foot pedal mechanism is a combination of threaded rods, a metal step from an old staircase, cabinet hinges, a rack, a bicycle chain and a potato masher.

The cost of the instrument: 12 Euro
The construction time: 2 weeks





The construction of the instrument and sounds – video:



The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: