A miniature version of BottleBass, the first instrument of our production. It was created especially for the foundation of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. It has been carefully made with attention to the smallest details. Thanks to a special bridge, which transmits all vibrations to the bottle, this instrument has a very interesting and unique sound.

We built this instrument with the simplest tools in a studio apartment located on the 6th floor of a block of flats... anyhow, we invite you to watch the video made during the construction.

Neck: square timber posts removed from an old bed
Body: a 4-liter windscreen washer fluid bottle
Bridge: nails + two nuts
Guitar tuning pegs: ring hook screws /sheet metal screws
Scale: 35”

The cost of the instrument: 0 Euro
The construction time: 2 days




The construction of the instrument – video:


The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: