You want to throw out a broken washing machine? Hold on! A few hours of dismantling plus an old drum membrane and we have two beautiful drums. Thanks to threaded rods fixed to the drum, we can attach to it various elements, such as cymbals, bells, chimes…

This is an example of how little you need to make something really cool. The percussion instruments used by our vocalist are the perfect complement to the “recycled sounds”. During our concerts, we also use instruments such as tambourines made of bottle caps, maracas made of cans, rainsticks from cardboard industrial rolls with toothpicks stuck in and chimes from a broken children's toy.

Of course, from the remaining parts of the washing machine you can make cymbals or just a piano stand :)

The cost of the instrument: 0 Euro
The construction time: 3 days




The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: