Our newest invention.
The aim of constructing this instrument was to get as close as it is possible to the comfort of playing the Stratocaster. To build it we used measurements of the Stratocater’s neck so the name BottleCaster was a natural choice :)

The materials used in the production of this instrument are the same as in our latest bass guitar. As a raw material for the neck we used industrial waste we received from a friend who owns a furniture company. For even greater comfort of playing, in addition to cutting the 19-liter bottle in half, we’ve decided to cut an extra arm-space to make it easier to reach frets located closer to the guitar body (left-handed guitar). The deficiencies in the bottle structure created this way were complemented with other pieces of the bottle and a plexiglass plate from a damaged poster frame.

To mount the strings we used M10 hex cup screws with welded nuts and drilled holes to make the regulation much easier. We tune the guitar with a screwdriver or pliers using  the lever method. The bridge saddle was made from nails with carved grooves.

Good quality materials, right amount of time and the possibility of using a milling machine which was made available to us by our friend’s company – all of this have influenced the final outcome. We have created an original instrument, and what is important, you do not need to get used to it for a very long time to be able to play anything you want.

The electronics is one single made by our colleague from the band. The whole system is constructed in 70% of components from old electronic equipment.

The cost of the instrument: 7 Euro
The construction time: 2-3 weeks

Guitar neck: furniture waste from industrial production – mahogany
Guitar body: half of the 19-liter mineral water bottle
Frets: bicycle spokes
Bridge saddle: nails
Scale: 25,5"



The construction of the instrument – video:



  The construction of the instrument – photo gallery: