This instrument was built one night in a hotel bathroom in Kuwait. Seriously! An hour before leaving for the airport we received an information that we will not be able to transport our current bass guitar due to its large dimensions and the character of the elements from which it was built. Panic-stricken we quickly decided to replace our own clothes and other belongings in suitcases with tools, drills, grinders, hammers, etc. ... (the looks on the security officers’ faces - priceless...). Upon arrival, we hit the streets to search for the most useful elements, such as a board for a neck or something that could be used for the guitar body. The construction took us all night, and the following morning we played 3 concerts. HalunoBass serves us to this day... And as for the name… we invite you to watch the video from the search for the materials and the very construction of the instrument :)

Guitar neck: a board found on the street
Guitar body: a building adhesive bottle
Bridge: nails
Electronic: noname

The cost of the instrument: 4 Euro
The construction time: 1 night :)




Film from searching for materials:


The construction of the instrument – video:


 Fragment of the concert: